Below are links that contain promotional materials for Urban D.

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Urban D. Logo (Hi-Res B/W JPEG 180k) : DOWNLOAD

Urban D. Bio (PDF 0.0MB)DOWNLOAD

Un.heard Album Cover (Hi-Res JPEG 1.5MB) : DOWNLOAD


Promotional Photos

Concert Photo 1 (Hi-Res JPEG 6.1MB) : DOWNLOAD

Concert Photo 2 (Hi-Res JPEG 3.0MB) : DOWNLOAD

Concert Photo 3 (Hi-Res JPEG 3.0MB) : DOWNLOAD

Speaking Photo 1 (Hi-Res JPEG 3.2MB) : DOWNLOAD

Speaking Photo 2 (Hi-Res JPEG 4.4MB) : DOWNLOAD


Promotional Materials

General Concert Poster (11" x17" Hi-Res PDF 8.1MB) : DOWNLOAD


Un.orthodox Promotional Materials

Un.orthodox Logo (Hi-Res Color JPEG 524k) : DOWNLOAD

Un.orthodox Song Descriptions (Word/.doc 36k) : DOWNLOAD

Un.orthodox Album Lyrics (PDF 1.4MB) : DOWNLOAD

Un.orthodox Album Cover (Hi-Res JPEG 2.5MB) : DOWNLOAD

Un.orthodox Book Cover (Hi-Res JPEG 6.2MB) : DOWNLOAD